Patent Number: 6,305,273

Title: Toaster with warming chambers

Abstract: A toaster includes a toaster body having a top wall, at least one toastingchamber in the top wall, a bottom, side walls, and end walls. A seat isadjacent to, and extends along at least a portion of one of the side walls(and preferably along both of the side walls). The seat allows toast to beplaced in contact with the wall of the toaster to be kept warm by heatradiating through the toaster wall. In one embodiment, the seat is simplyan exposed shelf. In another embodiment, the seat forms a bottom surfaceof an enclosed warming chamber. The warming chamber is defined by an outerwall which is spaced from the toaster body side wall, a top wall, a frontwall, a back wall, and the seat. A door is provided to allow access to thechamber. Preferably, the door can be removed from the toaster. The toasterincludes oversized controls (a start lever and a darkness control lever)to allow the controls to be easily seen and manipulated. To make thecontrols even easier to be seen, the color of the control levers willcontrast with the color of the toaster body.

Inventors: Sherman; Alan (St. Louis, MO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013