Patent Number: 6,305,288

Title: Propellant charge module

Abstract: The present invention relates to a propellant charge module for artilleryguns, of the type which is usually referred to by the term "modularcharges" (1). A special feature of this type is that, in an otherwiseempty pyrophoric relay tube (10) arranged axially in the longitudinaldirection of the charge, it has a firing charge which is made up of aplurality of successive powder rings (14), the different ring-shaped partsof this firing charge having distancing members (16) which are directedtowards each other and give rise to narrow ignition gaps (18) betweenthem.

Inventors: Nilsson; Neile (Karlskoga, SE), Larsson; Larseric (Degerfors, SE), Hafstrand; Anders (Karlskoga, SE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013