Patent Number: 6,305,294

Title: Apparatus traveling on closed track on wall surface

Abstract: The present invention provides an apparatus for traveling on a closed trackon the surface of a wall in which the moving platform can circuit along arail forming a closed track while being maintained in the sameorientation. To this end, a crawling-type moving apparatus is configuredwith a moving platform 4 moving along a guide rail 2 disposed on a wallsurface W provided with supporting units 8A to 8D which can slide on theguide rail, a rotational member provided on the moving platform, to bedriven to rotate by a driving mechanism, and a plurality of mating unitsfor generating a driving force by mating with guide faces, which arecurved in a cycloidal shape, of driving guides disposed on the wallsurface, the mating units being disposed around the rotational member atthe same distance from each other. The guide rail 2 includes rails 3A to3D forming a plurality of closed tracks disposed separated from each otherand to be different in phase so as not to contact and intersect eachother, the moving platform 4 is provided with the supporting units, eachto mate with one of the rails, the supporting units of the movingplatform, which mate with the outer rails, circumvent the inner rails, andsupporting arms of the supporting units are rotatably mounted on themoving platform.

Inventors: Hashino; Satoshi (Tsukuba, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013