Patent Number: 6,305,308

Title: Deflector with shock absorber

Abstract: A deflector assembly of the kind used to pull one or more seismic streamersbeing towed by a seismic survey vessel out to a desired lateral offsetfrom the vessel comprises a wing-shaped deflector body suspended by acable or chain between a float. In order to prevent the cable or chainfrom breaking in rough weather, a shock absorber is included somewherealong its length, preferably with the deflector body or within the float.The shock absorber comprises a piston and cylinder assembly co-operatingwith a gas-filled accumulator acting as a spring.

Inventors: Kristiansen; Ottar (N-0375 Oslo, NO), Ramstad; Arne (N-5131 Nyborg, NO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013