Patent Number: 6,305,324

Title: High density housing for aquatic animals

Abstract: A housing system for aquatic animals has a shelf-like rack holding tiers ofindividual tanks or aquariums (aquaria), each removably suspended fromstructural members that engage flanges of the tanks. The tanks are tiltedinwardly of the rack and have covers with fittings on the higher or outerside, that intercept flow between a supply and a drain to inlet water whenthe tank is in the rack and to recycle the water at any tank position thatis unoccupied. The inside bottom of each tank is contoured, for examplewith a longitudinal trough, so sediment collects at a low spot on thelower or inner side, where a drain inlet is placed to provide a drainageoutlet that opens at a velocity increasing restriction at which sedimentis entrained. The drain has a spring biased valve that opens the drainonly when the tank is fully inserted in the rack. Water supply, waterdrain and air supply conduits are integrated using an extrusion ormultiple passage conduit for air supply, water supply and water return atthe interception point of the tank water inlet. The housing system is aptfor zebrafish for laboratory experimentation.

Inventors: Hallock; William J. (Hazleton, PA), Thomas; William R. (Conyngham, PA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013