Patent Number: 6,305,330

Title: Circulating fluidized bed combustion system including a heat exchangechamber between a separating section and a furnace section

Abstract: A top-supported circulating fluidized bed boiler system includes a furnace,having sidewalls of a tube wall construction, for combusting fuel andproducing combustion products, a particle separator, connected to thefurnace, for separating particles from the combustion products from thefurnace, an external, preferably non-cooled, heat exchange chamberconnected to the particle separator for removing heat from the combustionproducts, a return duct, connected to the heat exchange chamber, forreturning particles separated by the separator to the furnace, a rigidsupport construction for supporting elements of the system, and asuspension arrangement for suspending the heat exchange chamber from therigid support construction. The suspension arrangement includes, forpreferably 60% or more of its length, at least one of steam tubes andwater tubes at a temperature of about 300 to about C.

Inventors: Darling; Scott (Annandale, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013