Patent Number: 6,305,337

Title: Overhead cam shaft type engine with a starter motor

Abstract: In an overhead cam shaft engine with a starter motor, the starter motor isto be mounted to a front face of a crank case at a position close to acylinder, thereby creating a space on the front face of the crank case,while preventing interference between a gear train for the transfer ofrotation of the starter motor and a cam shaft driving mechanism. Anoverhead cam shaft type engine includes a starter motor, having a camshaft driving mechanism disposed on one end side of a crank shaft and agear train for the transfer of rotation of a starter motor. The gear trainis disposed on an opposite side of the crank shaft. The axis of a gearshaft of at least one gear of plural gears which constitute the gear trainis positioned above a crank case dividing plane. Furthermore, the startermotor is mounted to a front face of a lower crank case at an upperposition close to a cylinder, and an oil filter is mounted in a space thuscreated below the starter motor on the front face of the lower crank case.

Inventors: Sumi; Hiromi (Saitama, JP), Sawa; Atsushi (Saitama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013