Patent Number: 6,305,344

Title: Method and apparatus for controlling fuel to an engine during coolantfailure

Abstract: A method of cooling an internal combustion engine having a first group offuel injectors supplying fuel to a first group of injectors and a secondgroup of fuel injectors supplying fuel to a second group of cylinders, themethod including the steps of measuring the temperature of the engine,determining if the temperature of the engine exceeds a predeterminedtemperature threshold, shutting off the first group of fuel injectors tothe first number of cylinders where air is pumped through the first numberof cylinders to cool the first number of cylinders, energizing the secondgroup of fuel injectors to the second group of cylinders to provide anair/fuel mixture to the second group of cylinders to drive the engine,shutting off at least one of the second group of fuel injectors to thesecond group of cylinders to pump air through at least one of the secondgroup of cylinders.

Inventors: Perry; Paul A. (Taylor, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013