Patent Number: 6,305,356

Title: Common rail system

Abstract: A common rail system having a regulated prefeed pump, which pumps a fuelflow from a fuel tank to a high-pressure pump. The fuel flow is split withthe aid of a valve assembly into a lubricant flow and a high-pressure feedflow that is pumped into a high-pressure reservoir, and acted upon by highpressure. The prefeed pump has a substantially linear characteristic feedcurve with a certain slope. To improve the regulating performance, thevalve assembly for the lubricant flow includes a valve whosecharacteristic feed curve initially rises in a first portion (I) with therpm of the prefeed pump with the same slope as the characteristic feedcurve of the prefeed pump. Then in a second portion (II) risessubstantially linearly, with a lesser slope than the characteristic feedcurve of the prefeed pump, and in a third portion (III) finally dropsagain.

Inventors: Faix; Erhard (Gaertringen, DE), Loesch; Gerd (Stuttgart, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013