Patent Number: 6,305,367

Title: Hopper feeder

Abstract: The present invention provides jam prevention systems for use with apaintball gun having a hollow infeed portion for receiving paintballs tobe fired by the gun. The jam free feeder system generally includes ahousing, a feed tube, a jam free feeder system, a sensor and a controller.The housing stores a quantity of paintballs. The feed tube is connected tothe hollow infeed portion of the housing. The connected feed tube forms apaintball feed passageway for receiving and holding a stack of paintballsand sequentially delivering the paintballs to the paintball gun. A jamfree feeder is provided, which is selectively operable to prevent jammingof paintballs in the housing. The sensor senses the firing of thepaintball gun and a controller operates the jam free feeder in response tothe firing of the paintball gun. Embodiments where the jam free feedersystem is a hopper feeder system or a conveyor system are also provided.

Inventors: Kotsiopoulos; Thomas G. (Prospect Heights, IL), Gibson; Eric S. (Palatine, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013