Patent Number: 6,305,369

Title: Safeguard for furnace draft system

Abstract: A draft safeguard apparatus for use in a multi-poised furnace having an inducer housing for receiving flue gases from a heat exchanger. The furnace flue pipe is attached to the inducer housing by an elbow having a first linear inlet section that is rotatably connected to the inducer housing and a second linear outlet section that is connected to the flue pipe. A bend section connects the inlet and outlet section of the elbow. An elongated sensor housing is mounted upon the inlet section of the elbow. The housing provides a flow channel so that the inlet section of the elbow communicates with the surrounding ambient. A limit switch is mounted in the housing to sense the temperature in the flow passing through the housing. When the furnace is operating normally, ambient air is drawn into the vent system through the sensor housing. If the vent system becomes restricted, the flow through the housing is reversed and the limit switch is opened when the reverse flow temperature exceeds a given limit.

Inventors: Garloch; Duane David (Indianapolis, IN)

Assignee: Carrier Corporation

International Classification: F23N 5/24 (20060101); F23L 17/00 (20060101); F23N 5/26 (20060101); F24H 003/00 (); F23N 005/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018