Patent Number: 6,305,416

Title: Actuator valve for pressure switch for a fluidic system

Abstract: Hydraulic actuator. An actuator body includes an inlet, an outlet, a portcommunicating with a pre-charged diaphragm tank, and a port communicatingwith a pressure switch. The actuator body includes a movable member which,in a first position, closes the inlet port and provides fluidiccommunication with the pressure switch port while allowing pressureequalization between the inlet and an interior of the actuator body. In asecond position, the movable body opens the inlet port and seals thepressure switch port. A spring is disposed within the actuator body tourge the movable member toward the first position. The inventioneliminates the need for multiple springs as shown in one prior art designand eliminates the need for reliance on a hydrostatic force differentialto move the movable member.

Inventors: Snel; Fred (Stolwijk, NL), Beekhuis; Stefan (Gouda, NL), Joerg; Wolf (Sharon, MA), Lombari; Robert (North Smithfield, RI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013