Patent Number: 6,305,436

Title: Medical stents for body lumens exhibiting peristaltic motion

Abstract: Methods for forming, shaping and heat treating stents for reinforcement ofthe lumen of peristaltic organs. The stent is formed by knittingpreferably a nitinol wire into a pattern of overlapping loops selectedsuch that from a relaxed state each row of loops may shift axiallyrelative to and independently of the rows on either side. This locallengthening and shortening accommodates peristalsis of the organ withoutmigrating within the organ.

Inventors: Andersen; Erik (Roskilde, DK), Strecker; Ernst Peter (Karlsruhe, DE), Hess; Kathleen L. (Lynn, MA), Urhoj; Susanne (Charlottenlund, DK)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013