Patent Number: 6,305,449

Title: Adjustable router table jig

Abstract: The present invention facilitates the fabrication of an unlimited varietyof dovetail joints without the use of standardized template devices.Additionally, the device is capable of supporting a workpiece on bothsides of the router bit cutting edge and adjusting the angular orientationof the guiding fence in relation to the axis of directional translation.The device is comprised of a router table and a slideably coupledpositioning apparatus. The router table comprises a tabletop and means forsecuring a router so that the router's cutting bit extends upwardlythrough a central orifice. The upper surface of the router table has twolongitudinal guide grooves which are parallel to one another and equallyspaced on opposite sides of the central orifice. The positioning apparatusis comprised of a guide fence unit with two pivotally secured parallelrunners. The runners are adapted to slideably fit into the longitudinalguide grooves in the upper surface of router table and allow the guidefence unit to track along the longitudinal axis of the tabletop. Therunners are adapted to selectively position the guide fence unit at one ofa plurality of predetermined angles with respect to the base line on agraduated angular scale. A sighting aperture in the forward leading edgeof the guide fence unit provides the user with a line-of-sight to properlyalign the workpiece in relation to the router's cutting bit.

Inventors: Stover; David Andrew (Arlington, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013