Patent Number: 6,305,465

Title: Double heat exchanger having condenser core and radiator core

Abstract: A double heat exchanger includes a condenser having a condenser core and acondenser header tank, and a radiator having a radiator core and aradiator header tank. The condenser header tank is composed of a coreplate having clamping portions and a tank portion having protrudingportions. The protruding portions of the tank portion are clamped by theclamping portions of the core plate so that the tank portion is connectedto the core plate in the condenser header tank. The protruding portions ofthe condenser header tank contacts the radiator header tank, therebypreventing the condenser and radiator header tanks from being inclinedtoward each other. Therefore, the condenser and radiator header tankscontact and are brazed to each other in a relatively small area. As aresult, heat conduction from the radiator to the condenser is prevented,and heat exchange performance of the condenser can be improved.

Inventors: Uchikawa; Akira (Nagoya, JP), Sakane; Takaaki (Nagoya, JP), Muto; Satomi (Nishikasugai-gun, JP), Sugimoto; Tatsuo (Okazaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013