Patent Number: 6,305,473

Title: Vacuum extraction apparatus and process

Abstract: In its broadest embodiment, the invention contemplates an apparatus formulti-phase vacuum extraction and a method for using the apparatus. Theapparatus primarily includes: a first substantially vertically orientedconduit having an upper end and a closed lower end; the upper endincluding a vacuum suction port; a second substantially verticallyoriented conduit having an open upper end and a lower end; the lower endhaving plural openings spaced from the lowest point to the highest pointthereof. The second substantially vertically oriented conduit is axiallydisposed within the first substantially vertically oriented conduit; and,a seal is disposed between the outer surface of the upper end of thesecond substantially vertically oriented conduit, and the inner surface ofthe upper end of the first substantially vertically oriented conduit belowthe vacuum suction port. Preferably, an entrainment air inlet port can beprovided below the in the first substantially vertically oriented conduitbelow the elevational level of the seal. The method of the inventioninvolves manipulating the apparatus so that a multi-phase effluent iswithdrawn from the vacuum suction port when the closed end is positionedthrough a level of liquid between the highest point and the lowest point;and, a vacuum is drawn on the vacuum suction port.

Inventors: Peramaki; Matthew (Blaine, MN)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013