Patent Number: 6,305,474

Title: Scoop for use with an anchor system for supporting a whipstock

Abstract: A scoop capable of orienting a orientable downhole tool, such as awhipstock assembly, comprising: an orienting member that includes ahelical upper surface that terminates in a first pin engaging slot. Thepin engaging slot includes upper and lower closed ends such that when theorientable downhole tool advances toward the orienting member, a pin onthe orientable downhole tool engages the helical upper surface and orientsthe orientable downhole tool assembly and when said pin on the orientabledownhole tool assembly engages the slot, the orienting member resistsaxial movement in either axial direction and resists rotational movementin either rotational direction. An alternative embodiment comprises: anorienting key member that includes a helical upper surface that terminatesin a first pin engaging slot, and a supplemental member including at leastone guide surface terminating in a second pin engaging slot, wherein theorienting member and the supplemental member are concentrically engagedand axially positioned relative to each other such that when theorientable tool advances axially toward the scoop, an orienting pin on theorientable tool engages the helical upper surface and azimuthally orientsthe orientable tool before a supplemental pin on the orientable toolengages said supplemental member.

Inventors: Roberts; William M. (Tyler, TX), Guillory; J. Brandon (Houston, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013