Patent Number: 6,305,479

Title: Wall tie reinforcement and method

Abstract: A helical wedge tie, anywhere from 21/2 inches to 4 inches in length,(which is approximately the width of a standard brick), can be utilized towedgingly engage the mortar in a wall after a helical main tie has beenpassed all the way through the mortar and secured in the concrete. Thewedge tie may have the same helical pitch as that of the main tie, or itmay be a pitch somewhat tighter or shorter to not only fill the spacebetween the host tie and the mortar, but wedgingly engage the same. Theauxiliary wedge pin may be pointed at both ends, pointed at one end, oreven blunt at both ends. Successful fixes have been made where one end issheared, and has a relatively chisel-like end. The method of the inventionis directed to the reinforcing of a tie in a wall reinforcing environment,where the outer portion of the tie passes through a softer material, and asubsequent reinforcement of the tie portion in the soft material becomesdesirable.

Inventors: Paterson; Robert Ian (London, GB), Sweeney; Patrick John (Ontario, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013