Patent Number: 6,305,480

Title: Post driving and earth boring machine

Abstract: A machine for driving posts, drills, large spikes, and the like work piecesinto the ground, pavements, or wall structures. The machine comprises anelongated tower, a carriage, a hammer, a combination of an elongatedtwo-way cylinder and a pulley system, at least one control valve box, aplurality of hydraulic pressurized lines, a plurality of hydraulicconduits, and a plurality of fasteners. The tower has two parallel railsfor the hammer to slide upward, and then downward so as to exert a forceupon the work piece toward a work surface. The machine may further includetwo two-way cylinders, a hammer guide, constraining springs and aninterchangeable plate.

Inventors: Franklin; Steven D. (Christiansburg, VA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013