Patent Number: 6,305,484

Title: Automated aircraft towing vehicle system

Abstract: An automated aircraft towing vehicle system for use with aircraft isprovided. When coupled to an aircraft the towing tractor vehiclefacilitates the movement of the aircraft without the requirement for useof the aircraft's jet engines. The towing vehicle system comprises atowing tractor vehicle having remotely controllable steering, braking, andacceleration. The remote system controller is located in the aircraftbeing towed such that the pilot of the aircraft being towed is capable ofcontrolling the starting, stopping and steering of the towing tractorvehicle. The towing tractor vehicle further includes a remotelycontrollable de-coupling means. When the aircraft is towed to the desiredlocation, the decoupling of the aircraft from the towing tractor vehicleis controllable by the remote system controller.

Inventors: Leblanc; Edward L. (Whitefish, Ontario, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013