Patent Number: 6,305,494

Title: Device for absorbing and/or damping sound waves

Abstract: A device for absorbing and/or damping sound waves has a system for damping and/or silencing sound waves provided with a thin vibratory layer (1) on the side facing the sound waves. In order to improve sound damping and silencing properties, even during a prolonged use with concomitant exposure to strong heat, the thin vibratory layer (1) is made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy and is 0.004 to 0.35 mm thick.

Inventors: Pfaffelhuber; Klaus (Gunzburg, DE), Kock; Gerhard (Kienberg, DE), Lahner; Stefan (Krumbach, DE), Ruhe; Thomas (Krumbach, DE)

Assignee: Faist Automotive GmbH & Co. KG

International Classification: G10K 11/00 (20060101); G10K 11/172 (20060101); E04B 001/82 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018