Patent Number: 6,305,500

Title: Material delivery system for clean room-like environments

Abstract: A material delivery system is disclosed which is particularly useful forfiltered environments, such as clean rooms, minienvironments, or the like.In one embodiment, the material delivery system is disposed below a workarea in a clean room-like environment to store parts to be used at thework area. In another embodiment, the material delivery system includes amaterial delivery elevator for transporting parts to a desired elevationallevel. In yet another embodiment, the material delivery system includes acover which is detachably interconnected with a body to define an enclosedmaterial storage area. An assembly is provided to lock the cover down ontothe body with a gasket therebetween to appropriately seal thisinterconnection. This same assembly lifts the cover up and away from thebody so as to not damage this gasket. Finally, this same assembly alsoallows the cover to be rolled off of the body without exposing the gasketto any shear-like forces so as to further reduce the potential for damageto the gasket during removal of the cover from the body.

Inventors: McCrandall; John D. (Longmont, CO), McMunigal; Tom (Longmont, CO), Rupp, Jr.; Richard E. (Berthoud, CO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013