Patent Number: 6,305,522

Title: Clutch disc

Abstract: A clutch disc wherein two annular washer-like friction linings flank a two-part resilient cushion which moves the friction linings apart during disengagement of a friction clutch wherein the clutch disc is installed between an engine-driven flywheel and an axially movable pressure plate, and which stores energy during engagement of the clutch. A blocking or movement limiting device, which defines a fulcrum for the friction linings, is provided between the parts of the cushion and/or on the friction linings to prevent an axial movement of the friction linings toward each other beyond a selected minimum distance and to thus compensate for deformation of the flywheel and/or pressure plate as a result of heating attributable to slippage of the pressure plate and flywheel relative to the adjacent friction linings during engagement and disengagement of the clutch.

Inventors: Busse; Jurgen (Buhl, DE), Elison; Hans-Dieter (Buhl, DE), Gunther; Kraft (Ludwigsburg, DE), Lehmann; Steffen (Ettlingen, DE), Raimann; Andreas (Inzlingen, DE), Ruder; Willi (Lahr, DE), Schindler; Martin (Baden Baden, DE), Thummler; Mario (Bangalore, IN), Birk; Albert (Buhl, DE)

Assignee: LuK Lamellen Kupplungsbau GmbH

International Classification: F16D 13/64 (20060101); F16D 013/68 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018