Patent Number: 6,305,523

Title: Coin discriminating apparatus

Abstract: A coin discriminating apparatus in which, to permit easy and reliabledetermination of the denomination and authenticity of a coin, informationon surface displacement irregularities of a stamp pattern on a coinsurface is detected, and features of the stamp pattern represented by thesurface displacement irregularities information are plotted in the form ofa histogram indicative of distribution of the surface displacementirregularities over the entire surface of the coin. The histogram iscompared with a histogram of surface displacement irregularitiesdistribution obtained beforehand with respect to a true coin to identifythe denomination of the coin, thereby eliminating the need for acomplicated process such as rotation of the stamp pattern (imageinformation) on the coin surface. Preferably, eddy current induction coilsare used to apply high-frequency electromagnetic field to a coin to induceeddy current therein, and impedances of the coils, that vary depending onthe eddy current induced in the coin, are detected as the surfacedisplacement irregularities information. Then, distribution of thedetected impedances over the entire surface of the coin is obtained in theform of a histogram showing impedance along the abscissa and the numbersof eddy current induction coils with outputs in specified ranges along theordinate. Also, based on the detected impedances, the material, diameterand thickness of the coin are determined for the coin discrimination.

Inventors: House; Larry J. (Columbus, OH), Davis; Richard J. (Columbus, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013