Patent Number: 6,305,534

Title: Automatic quiver

Abstract: The present invention is a quiver having: a housing having a top end an abottom end and an opening between the top and bottom ends for theinsertion and removal of arrows and a carousel mounted inside the quiverfor the positioning and delivery of arrows. The carousel of the quiver ofthe present invention has a rotatable shaft in the center of the housing,at least one means attached to the rotatable shaft for gripping arrows, ashaft mount associated with the top half the housing for mounting theshaft, and at least one spring for biasing the rotatable shaft, with thespring being associated at one end with the housing and at the oppositeend with the rotatable shaft. In use the carousel is positioned andarranged to automatically bring arrows to a position adjacent the openingbetween the top and bottom ends of the housing for removal from thequiver.

Inventors: Neal; Frank A. (Lyons, CO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013