Patent Number: 6,305,536

Title: Method for covering a mouth insert portion of an intraoral camera with afilm-made sheath and the combination thereof

Abstract: A film-made sheath is formed of a transparent film and a shrinkable film.These transparent and shrinkable films are in a contiguous relation andare adhered or fusion-bonded at edges thereof into sheath-shapedconfigurations. The transparent and shrinkable films may be dimensionedsuch that the sheath can accommodate therein a mouth insert portion of anintraoral camera. The mouth insert portion of the intraoral camera can becovered with the film-made sheath by inserting the mouth insert portioninto the sheath such that a light-receiving portion of the intraoralcamera is located on a side of the transparent film, and then heating theshrinkable film.

Inventors: Tanaka; Hiroyuki (Yokohama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013