Patent Number: 6,305,540

Title: Holster with variable depth pocket

Abstract: A holster (100) includes an adjustable depth pocket (101) for receiving atleast a portion of a portable radio (102) in the pocket (101). Theportable radio (102) includes an interface, such as a user interface (120,122), and the holster (100) includes access openings (124, 126). Anadjustable false bottom (130) in the pocket (101) is adjustable to providea variable depth in the pocket (101). When the portable radio (102) isreceived in the pocket (101) the user interface (120, 122) and the accessopenings (124, 126) are substantially aligned thereby the user interface(120, 122) is accessible from outside the holster (100) via the accessopenings (124, 126).

Inventors: Crawford; Christopher D. (Tamarac, FL), Moralejo; Eduardo (Miami, FL), Gatto; Jennifer Kay (Coral Springs, FL)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013