Patent Number: 6,305,544

Title: Ammunition shipping and storage container and method

Abstract: A container system and method for shipping and storing an item is provided.The container system may comprise a storage vessel with an interiorcompartment, and an access opening at one end. A removable end cap may bereleasably and mechanically coupled to the storage vessel at the accessopening, fully enclosing the access opening. Mechanical fasteners may alsobe secured to the storage vessel and removable end cap to form thereleasable, mechanical connection. In one embodiment, at least onestacking lug may be provided at the perimeter of the storage vessel. Inanother embodiment, the container may comprise a pressure vessel, whichmay be adapted to receive a round of ammunition

Inventors: Shacklee; Franky Lee (Whitesboro, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013