Patent Number: 6,305,556

Title: Cable management solution for rack-mounted computers

Abstract: A hinging cable management arm is disposed inside a rack behind a slidinglymounted computer. The arm folds and unfolds as the computer slides intoand out of the rack. Cables from the computer are secured to the arm withcable ties. The arm includes two elongate members hingingly coupled to oneanother at one end. At the other end, one member is hingingly coupled tothe rack and one member is hingingly coupled to a sliding computer mount.Each elongate member has a u-shaped profile. The hinged couplings areimplemented using swaged pins. The cable ties are straps made withhook-and-loop fabric. The straps are made captive to the elongate membersby anchoring them at a first slot and threading them through a secondslot. They are wrapped over the computer cables and around the profile ofthe elongate members until the hook-and-loop material secures to itself.

Inventors: Mayer; David W. (Fort Collins, CO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013