Patent Number: 6,305,563

Title: One-piece dispensing structure and method and apparatus for making same

Abstract: A one-piece dispensing structure is molded by a process combining aco-injection molding first phase with a bi-injection molding second phase.In the first phase, a skin material and core material are co-injected intoa mold cavity first region to form most of the major portion of theclosure body. Subsequently, a movable shut-off member is retracted toexpose an intermediate region which (1) is adjacent the closure structurehinge area and which (2) establishes communication between the mold cavityfirst region and another part of the mold cavity defining the closure lidportion. The skin material is injected through a second gate directly intothe cavity intermediate region to fill the cavity intermediate region andthe closure lid portion of the mold cavity. The skin material in thecavity intermediate region bonds to the previously injected skin materialin the cavity first region adjacent the closure hinge.

Inventors: Elliott; John (Jefferson, WI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013