Patent Number: 6,305,598

Title: Stackable package capable of division

Abstract: A composite tray and stacker structure for packages of a plurality ofidentical paperboard and/or plastic containers supported in a tray for thepurpose of providing compressive load-bearing capability to the package.The composite tray and stacker is composed essentially of a single sheetof stiff material, such as corrugated paperboard. The structure includes arectangular tray bottom wall having a central transverse reverse fold lineand a pair of end walls connected to the bottom wall along fold lines. Apair of top wall spacer elements are foldably connected along the topedges of the end walls and a pair of weight-bearing abutable stackerelements are foldably connected to the spacer elements. A relativelynarrow product retainer panel is connected to each of the side edges ofeach of the end walls and stacker elements along fold lines. Relativelynarrow rectangular flaps of equal width are connected along fold lines tothe side edges of the bottom tray and in most instances also to the sideedges of the top wall spacer elements. Gluing tabs are provided at theends of the stacker elements for attachment to the bottom tray. Notchesare provided in the retainer panels on opposite sides of one of thestacker elements. In the assembled package the end walls and spacerelements lie in parallel spaced apart relation to support packages stackedone on another. The rectangular flaps engage the outer surfaces of theproduct retainer panels. The assembled package encloses a pair of mirrorimage cells or compartments for product containers and is readilydivisible into half packages.

Inventors: Bryan; Robert M. (Waverly, IA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013