Patent Number: 6,305,599

Title: Reusable assembled box and method of transport thereof

Abstract: A reusable assembled box and a method of transport thereof are provided, inthat the box has a base with greater strength, and is capable ofdisassembled into compact pieces facilitating sending back thereof, thusreducing a transport cost and enabling reuse of the box in higherfrequency. The box comprises a first member, a second member, and couplingmembers. The first member is in a substantially rectangular shape,comprises a base and a pair of opposing side walls folded up from thebase. The second member is in a substantially rectangular shape andcomprises a base, overlain on the base of the first member, in a shapesubstantially identical to that of the first member, and a pair of sidewalls adjacent to the walls of the first member. The coupling membersdetachably couples upper end corners of adjacent side walls of the firstand second members assembled into a box by overlaying the bases of thefirst and second members. Thus the box can be easily assembled with a pairof board-like bases in a simple and substantially rectangular shape byoverlaying the bases, thus realizing a base having greater strength, andenabling packing of heavy parts into the box, and when the box is reused,it can be disassembled into rectangular boards of a substantially the sameshape and compactly piled up for sending back, thus transport cost can bereduced.

Inventors: Tsubaki; Masami (Tokyo, JP), Iino; Hideki (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013