Patent Number: 6,305,600

Title: Carton having a prefolded interior paper lining and a method of preparing acarton with a prefolded interior paper lining

Abstract: A method of preparing a carton with a prefolded interior paper liningincludes feeding carton blanks having a surface, the surface havingleading and trailing edges and right and left side edges, feeding a paperweb, folding the paper web to have a base portion having an edge and atleast a first flap joining the base portion at a first crease, cutting asection off the paper web, and inserting the paper section with the cartonblank surface, such that the edge and crease of the base portion of thepaper are spaced a predetermined distance inward from each respectivecarton blank side edge.

Inventors: Hirschey; Urban C. (Carthage, NY), Hirschey; Mark U. (Brookline, MA), Everson, Sr.; Timothy H. (Lowville, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013