Patent Number: 6,305,613

Title: Rail fastening devices

Abstract: A rail tie plate suitable for attachment to a wood tie has a pair ofupstanding abutment members to accommodate a rail flange, each having anupwardly facing lower ramp surface inclining from a laterally outer sideof the abutment member upwardly inwardly to a laterally inner side tofacilitate insertion of a rail clip. The tie plate tapers in thickness andhas an upper side canted with respect to the lower side. The lower side isprovided with wedge shaped projections that tapers laterally in the samedirection as the plate and have an end face making an angle no greaterthan with respect to the lower side.

Inventors: Igwemezie; Jude O. (Suite 207, Markham, Ontario, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013