Patent Number: 6,305,619

Title: Portable gun for discharging highly pressurized fluid material

Abstract: A portable gun for discharging highly pressurized fluid material such astear gas or capsicum spray comprises an elongate refillable pressurevessel (8) for storing under pressure fluid material to be discharged. Adischarge barrel (4) is coupled to the pressure vessel via a valveassembly (6) and through which the material is discharged when the valveassembly is opened by actuation of a trigger (38). The axis of the barrelis orientated in the same direction as the axis of the pressure vessel,and the gun is supported from the body of a user by a sling so that thegun can be supported with the axes of the pressure vessel and barrelgenerally horizontally directed.

Inventors: Thurn; Philip Patrick (Eden Park, AU)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013