Patent Number: 6,305,626

Title: Colloid mill

Abstract: A colloid mill utilizes a motor-driven shaft configuration that connects tothe rotor of the colloid mill to the electric motor rotor. In this way,the mill rotor shaft is directly driven. Complex gear or belt drivearrangements between a separate electric motor and the fluid processingcomponents of the colloid mill are thus avoided. Moreover, the gap betweenthe mill rotor and mill stator can be adjusted simply by axiallytranslating the motor-driven shaft. Such translation is provided by atiming belt-based arrangement to limit backlash. As a result, a simplehand-operated knob or stepper motor arrangement can be used to control thegap. Specifically, a thrust bearing is supported in a threaded sleeve thatmates with the colloidal mill body. The timing belt engages the sleeve torotate it relative to the body, thus adjusting the thrust bearings axiallyalong the motor driven shaft and thereby controlling the gap between themill stator and mill rotor. Also addressed are problems associated withscaling colloid mills and novel rotor configurations using regions ofenlarged gap to facilitate the formation of cavitation fields. Precisemeasurement of the gap between the mill rotor and the mill stator is madepossible by incorporating an analogous surface at the same angle as themill rotor surface, against which a distance indicator can bear.

Inventors: Korstvedt; Harald O. (Harvard, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013