Patent Number: 6,305,640

Title: Spring component and support bearing for helicopter tail rotors and supportstructure for use in outer space

Abstract: A spring component for support bearings of helicopter tail rotors or forsupport structures for use in outer space encompasses at least two contactsupport components (11a, 11b) for connecting with the members that are tobe supported (e.g. a belt and a control sleeve of a helicopter tailrotor), as well as a web plate (20), which extends between the contactsupport components (11a, 11b) and which includes a pair of lengthwise webs(21a, 21b) extending in a longitudinal direction. The lengthwise webs areconnected to each other by first connecting webs (22a, 22b). Respectively,a further connecting web (23a, 23b) is arranged at a section of the twolengthwise webs (21a, 21b) positioned between the first connecting webs(22a, 22b), wherein each further connecting web extends outwardly towardone of the support components (11a, 11b). In connection with a transversebending moment acting on the spring component, a twisting of thelengthwise webs (21a, 21b) takes place. The spring component is flexiblefor transverse bending and comprises a high supporting force. A supportbearing for a helicopter tail rotor or a support structure for use inouter space encompasses two or more of the spring components. In a controlsleeve bearing of a helicopter tail rotor the belt is held in the controlsleeve between two oppositely positioned spring components.

Inventors: Bansemir; Horst (Munich, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013