Patent Number: 6,305,641

Title: Super-pressured high-altitude airship

Abstract: A super-pressured high-altitude airship flies in the stratosphere, ispropelled against the wind by the power obtained through the photovoltaicconversion of the sunlight, and is used for a large-scale LTA(light-than-air) platform for environmental observation, telecommunicationrelay, etc. This airship has a super-pressure structure which has apressure-resistant gas bag in an envelope capable of enduring the rise ofinternal pressure by allowing no in-flow or out-flow of gas from or to,respectively, the outside atmosphere at the mission altitude. A solar cellis installed on an upper external surface of the envelope. A ventilationspace is provided between an installation surface of the solar cell andthe gas bag to block the heat transfer from the solar cell to the buoyantgas in the envelope. A fan is provided to forcibly circulate the outsideatmospheric air in this ventilation space. The envelope trims the staticbalance of the airship pitch angle by shifting an on-board weight in thelongitudinal direction.

Inventors: Onda; Masahiko (Tsukub, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013