Patent Number: 6,305,642

Title: Glider launching device

Abstract: A device for launching a flying structure having a nose end and a tail end,having a cradle member having a first and a second end, a nose engagementmember having a first and second end, a tail engagement member, and meansfor propelling the flying structure. The cradle member retains the flyingstructure prior to its launch. The second end of the nose engagementmember is pivotably attached to the first end of the cradle member. Thenose engagement member releasably engages the nose of the flying structureprior to launch. The tail engagement member releasably engages the tail ofthe flying structure prior to launch and is attached to the second end ofthe cradle member. When the means for propelling the flying structure isan elastic cord, the cord is attached to both the first end of the noseengagement member and to a stationary object such that the cord suppliesmotive force to propel the flying structure after the cord is stretched.When the cradle member is released, the nose engagement member pivotablydisengages from the nose of the flying structure and the tail engagementmember disengages from the tail of the flying structure such that thelauncher falls to the ground as the flying structure continues in flight.

Inventors: Johnson; Nelson P. (Pflugerville, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013