Patent Number: 6,305,656

Title: Magnetic coupler and various embodiments thereof

Abstract: A magnetic coupler having various holding device embodiments to be quickly magnetically coupled and uncoupled with an industrial strength magnetic base that is fixedly attached to a desired nonferrous surface, such as a dashboard of an automobile. The magnetic base includes a nonferrous low or soft durometer shell that encases the magnet. Preferably, the shell's outer surface is textured, which provides friction for superior magnetic coupling with a ferrous disk. If the device to be held is relatively heavy or has a high profile, the holding device/object to be held includes a support collar assembly that is fixedly attached to an external portion of the holding device. If the device to be held is light or has a low profile, a ferrous disk having a surface area of not less than 1/ the area of the surface area of the device surface to be magnetically coupled with the magnetic base is adhered to the device surface, unless the device has sufficient ferrous content to magnetically couple with the magnetic base. The holding device can be quickly coupled and uncoupled with the magnetic base in either the high profile or low profile embodiments. The high profile holding devices include a beverage cup holder, a clip, a clipboard, a paper/key/coin tray, an envelope holder, and a radar detector base. The low profile holding devices or devices to be held include a hand held computer, a calculator, a cellular phone, and an eyeglass holder.

Inventors: Wemyss; Roy D. (Federal Way, WA)

Assignee: Dash-It USA Inc.

International Classification: A47G 23/00 (20060101); A47G 23/03 (20060101); A47G 23/02 (20060101); B60N 3/10 (20060101); B60R 11/02 (20060101); A47G 001/17 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018