Patent Number: 6,305,657

Title: Mechanism for tilting a microscope

Abstract: A mechanism for tilting a microscope in which a tilting base 5 is supportedby a tilting sub-base 4 at three points, and is urged toward the tiltingsub-base at all times by the resilient force of initially coned discsprings 23 fitted to support bolts 20. Adjusting bolts 30 are used for thesupport at three points, and steel balls 34 are interposed between thelower parts of the bolts and the tilting sub-base, so that the tiltingbase is supported by the tilting sub-base.

Inventors: Manpuku; Yasuhiro (Ome, JP), Hiranuma; Kazunori (Hachioji, JP), Takashina; Mamoru (Hachioji, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013