Patent Number: 6,305,664

Title: Proportional variable bleed solenoid valve with single adjustment pressurecalibration and including poppet valve seal ball

Abstract: A proportional variable bleed solenoid valve that includes magnetic forceadjustments to provide magnetic calibration. The control valve includes ahousing defining a chamber, where an electromagnetic coil is wound on abobbin and is coaxially mounted within the housing. A movable armature iscoaxially positioned within the bobbin in the chamber and has an armaturepoppet valve extending form a bottom end of the armature. An armaturespring is in contact with an upper end of the armature and a top wall ofthe bobbin, where the spring positions the armature in an initial positionwhen the coil is not energized and where the armature moves to a secondposition in conjunction with the bias of the armature spring when the coilis energized. A pole piece is mounted to the housing and is positionedadjacent to the lower end of the armature to define an air gap between thepole piece and the armature. The pole piece includes an extended annularring positioned below the lower end of the armature such that the armaturepoppet valve extends through the ring. A mounting bracket is secured tothe housing adjacent to the pole piece and a valve sleeve is connected tothe mounting bracket. The valve sleeve includes a central bore axiallyaligned with the armature, where the central bore includes a widenedportion proximate the armature poppet valve that defines a shoulder. Acontrol ball is positioned within the widened portion and is positionedagainst a bottom seal surface of the armature poppet valve and a valveseat surface of the shoulder when the coil is energized to seal off anexhaust port, so that a supply pressure orifice connected to the valvesleeve provides a control pressure at a control pressure opening in thevalve sleeve. In order to provide magnetic force adjustments for magneticcalibrations, the valve sleeve is selectively positionable relative to thebracket so that the distance between the armature poppet valve and theseat surface is adjustable. In one particular embodiment, the valve sleeveis secured to the bracket by a threaded connection so that its positioncan be readily changed.

Inventors: Holmes; Garrett R. (Ortonville, MI), McKenna; Michael D. (Troy, MI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013