Patent Number: 6,305,669

Title: Bearing block tether using fine lines

Abstract: A bearing block has a head, a central hub, bearing means facilitatingrotation of the sheave about the central hub. The block further haslocking means for removably locking a length of high strength, fibrousmaterial, such as cord, to the block for tethering the block to a boatdeck or the like. The locking means may be a part of the block head,cheeks, or may be located at the block central hub. Preferred lockingmeans are a plurality of passages for the cord ends to pass through, withset screws in two of the passages for removably holding the cord endstherein. A center portion of the cord length thus forms a loop fortethering the block.

Inventors: Harken; Olaf T. (Pewaukee, WI), Lob; Charles J. (Oconomowoc, WI), Lange; Kenneth E. (Brookfield, WI), Hanson; Thomas G. (Greenfield, WI)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013