Patent Number: 6,305,673

Title: Vibration control system

Abstract: A vibration control system utilizes a liquid spring filled with acompressible liquid. In its most general embodiment, the vibration controlsystem minimizes the transmission of vibration between a first mass and asecond mass, i.e. vehicle frame/vehicle cabin, structure/ground,machinery/platform. The liquid spring can be either a passive or an activesystem. An active system utilizes a second volume of compressible fluid. Apassive system only uses a single volume of fluid. Further, the liquidspring can provide either spring force or both spring and damping forces.Alternatively, a single volume liquid spring can be utilized inconjunction with a conventional damper.

Inventors: Delorenzis; Damon (Long Beach, CA), Meyer; Richard J. (Santa Fe Springs, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013