Patent Number: 6,305,676

Title: Buckling device of a scanner head

Abstract: A buckling device of a scanning head is installed at an initial position ofan optic module of the scanner. A slot is formed on the casing of ascanner for being positioned and inserted by a swingable piece. Twolateral surfaces of the swingable piece are pivotally installed to a pairof shaft grooves on the casing by respective projecting shafts. Theswingable piece has an upper stopper for being inserted into an engaginghole of the optic module. The swingable piece is installed with a lowerstopper and a sliding groove is installed on the casing. A gate isinstalled in the sliding groove. A hooking piece protrudes from one end ofthe sliding groove for hooking one end of the spring at one side of thegate; another end of the spring is connected to a hook portion at an endsurface of the sliding rod passing through another end of the gate. Atransverse piece and a straight piece are installed on the sliding rod.The straight piece is buckled to a resisting surface at a bottom of theoptic module. As the optic module returns to the initial position, thestraight piece drives the sliding rod to move towards another side withouthindering the lower stopper by the transverse piece so that the lowerstopper forms a buckling effect.

Inventors: Peng; Sheng Yeh (Taipei Hsien, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013