Patent Number: 6,305,683

Title: Front loading type of automatic paper feeding apparatus for preventingpaper from being skewed

Abstract: An improved front type of automatic paper feeding apparatus having a paperaligning device for preventing a skewing of a paper to be fed. In thefront loading type of automatic paper feeding apparatus including a paperstoring and separating section for storing paper to be fed and forseparating sheets of paper one by one; a cam device for raising andlowering the paper storing and separating section; and a feeding sectionhaving a feed roller which rotates to separate a sheet of paper from thepaper storing and separating section and to convey the separated sheet ofpaper to a printing position, the automatic paper feeding apparatus forpreventing paper skew further includes an aligning roller for aligning thepaper by pushing the paper stored in the paper storing and separating unitto a paper feeding position, the aligning roller pivoting in contact withthe paper for paper aligning before the feed roller comes into contactwith the paper; a slip section formed of a slip gear which is disposed onthe aligning roller shaft for providing a rotational force to the aligningroller; a feed gear for providing a driving force to the slip gear; aholder lever for pivoting the feed roller, the holder lever on which theslip gear and aligning roller are disposed to variably perform the paperaligning operation and pickup operation; and an elastic member opposed tothe aligning roller, for providing a certain force to the aligning rollerfor the paper aligning operation.

Inventors: Kim; Dong-Hun (Anyang, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013