Patent Number: 6,305,690

Title: Method and apparatus for playing a reverse blackjack card game

Abstract: A Blackjack derivative card game incorporates a reverse play methodology,wherein after dealing hands of cards to a player and to a dealer, thedealer's hand is resolved in accordance with predetermined game rulesprior to resolving the player's hand. If the dealer is still in the gameafter resolving the dealer's hand, the player's hand is then resolved inaccordance with the rules. With this methodology, disadvantages associatedwith conventional game play such as Blackjack can be eliminated. Forexample, with the dealer hand exposed and resolved, the players are notrequired and do not perceive a requirement to understand a basic strategy.Rather, the goal is simply to beat the dealer's hand. The impact of cardcounting can also be eliminated, and the speed of game play can beincreased.

Inventors: Webb; Derek J. (Derby, GB)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013