Patent Number: 6,305,695

Title: Gaskets

Abstract: A gasket (40) has a trough (44) in a supporting sheet (42) thereof. The trough has a bead (52) mounted therein. Said bead has a transverse cross section defined by lower (56) and side (58) surfaces which conform to and engage bounding surfaces of the trough, and also defined by an upper surface (60) which, in an uncompressed state of the bead, defines a projection (54) extending out of the trough. The surface (60) also defines a recess (62) extending parallel to said projection, the recess being formed within said trough. Said projection (54) is positioned on one side of the longitudinal center-line (70) of the bead (52) and said recess (62) is positioned on the other side of said center-line.

Inventors: Wilson; Janet Kirsten (Glasgow, GB)

Assignee: Federal-Mogul Technology Limited

International Classification: F16J 15/02 (20060101); F16J 015/02 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018