Patent Number: 6,305,700

Title: Independent suspension with a steering knuckle supported by a coupling rod

Abstract: An independent suspension for the front wheels of a motor vehicle with a steering knuckle that is pivotable for steering purposes, has a lower end mounted on a lower link and an upper area supported firstly by a coupling rod to this lower link and secondly by an upper link to the vehicle body. Either the upper link is articulated to the coupling rod in the vicinity of the upper end of the steering knuckle or the coupling rod is articulated to the upper link in the vicinity of the upper end of the steering knuckle. In either case, the steering knuckle requires one less articulation point so that the steering knuckle takes up less space in the immediate vicinity of the wheel.

Inventors: Bruehl; Hubert (Waldstetten, DE)

Assignee: DaimlerChrysler AG

International Classification: B60G 3/26 (20060101); B60G 3/18 (20060101); B60G 003/18 ()

Expiration Date: 10/23/2018