Patent Number: 6,305,703

Title: Bicycle trailer

Abstract: An unusually light bicycle trailer which may be readily collapsed forshipping, transportation, and storage. The trailer employs a hitch whichnot only is unusually quickly attached or unattached from a bicycle, butadditionally is so flexible that the bicycle can be laid down whileremaining attached to a trailer standing in an upright position. Thebicycle trailer comprises a trailer frame having two rectangular members,each rectangular member having opposite end portions which are centrallyand pivotally attached to the opposite end portions of the otherrectangular member; and each rectangular member having a lower sideportion extending generally horizontally along one lower side portion ofthe trailer and an upper side portion extending generally horizontallyalong an upper side portion of the trailer; a strap extending between therectangular members to maintain the members in spaced relationship; atongue member; a releasable hitch; a trailer bottom portion extendingbetween the lower side portions of the rectangular frame members; and,wheels each rotatingly mounted to an opposite central portion of the lowerside portion of the trailer frame.

Inventors: Quick; Walter Ray (Canon City, CO), Quick; Joan F. (Canon City, CO)


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Expiration Date: 10/23/2013